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Up into the
The Best Creative Platform
for Mobile App Users
One Account, Many Benefits
Store and sync
your files to Kdan Cloud
Instantly upload files
from Kdan’s apps or
Access your files
across iOS, Android,
Windows, and Mac
Share links
from the web with
password protection
View and manage files
directly from your
Get premium features
in Kdan’s flagship apps
Fax documents straight
from your mobile device
Convert high quality
documents or videos
Connect with creatives
worldwide through
Kdan’s communities
Give Your Creativity

Wings to Fly
  • Animation Desk
  • NoteLedge
  • PDF Markup
  • Pocket Scanner
  • Write-on Video

Sharing is Caring
Sharing Communities
A platform for animation enthusiasts to share and exchange creations with other animators.
A multimedia note community designed to enhance your note creation experience by sharing and gaining inspirations from others’ work.
An all-in-one management tool for all your PDF markups. My Markups is the best way to read, store, search, and share your annotated PDF files.
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Give Your Creativity Wings to Fly

Manage documents, scan files, create multimedia notes, make stunning animations, and edit videos with Kdan Creative App series. Track and organize your files anytime, anywhere.

PDF Markup

Annotate PDFs and web pages.

Pocket Scanner

Create JPEG scans and PDFs in seconds.



Organize multimedia contents and make beautiful notes.

Animation Desk

Create animations and express your ideas.

Write-on Video

Make movies, video slideshows, and scripts.


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